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The FlushFest Story

FlushFest began in 2017 when I was making a documentary film on a sewer system that was invented in Brazil that can serve urban slums. I thought that if I could get the information out of Portuguese and into other languages, it could really improve a lot of lives and clean up a lot of waterways around the world. I needed money to finish the film, so my neighbor Peter said "I'll throw you a music festival!" And so FlushFest was born. It was a success and I finished the film, What Comes Out Goes to the Government: Condominial Sewerage in Brazil.

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World Music for a Better World.

A day of music, fun, silent film and community.
Admission is by donation.

FlushFest is the annual fundraiser for the Appropriate Sanitation Institute, a project of West Hillsborough based nonprofit After the Rain.

Dale's Class (1).jpg

The Appropriate Sanitation Institute

The film grew into into the Appropriate Sanitation Institute, which shares knowledge about Condominial sewerage, and eventually, ASI's parent nonprofit organization, After the Rain. 


The Appropriate Sanitation Institute is working on an innovation prize for improvements in Condominial technology in Brazil, translating documents which are arriving through a knowledge sharing agreement with Caesb, the water and sanitation company of Brasilia, and developing Condominial video classes. 

So come on down to FlushFest. You'll have some fun and support work improving lives around the world. As always, FlushFest entrance is by donation. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the day.


Grace Beeler

Blue Water


Want more info? Can you volunteer? Get in touch!


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