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Hillsborough Lodging

Spend the night in historic Hillsborough

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The Colonial Inn FlushFest discount

Mention FlushFest and get a 20% discount at The Colonial Inn, Hillsborough's historic downtown inn.

Join us and let us welcome you to The Colonial Inn, a gem boasting warm and friendly accommodations in the downtown historic district of Hillsborough.  An unforgettable experience awaits you at The Colonial Inn. You may come to see the astonishing antiquity, to slip softly into dreams while protected by sturdy hand-hewn oak beams and handmade nails within our historic walls, but the reason you will come back will be because of the incredible and intimate hospitality service. Your room temperature set to your desire, celebratory drinks bubbling with anticipation of your first sip, tent cards with your desired TV programs/channels on hand and extra pillows or towels within arms reach are just the beginning. Want for nothing, but receive everything at The Colonial Inn.

 The Colonial Inn is one mile from Eno St. and in the heart of the walkable downtown area.

Rustic Bed with Pillows

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