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Become a FlushFest VIP

FlushFest 2024 will feature more than 20 bands at a variety of venues in West Hillsborough, including Eno River Brewing, the Cloth Mill and Nash Street Tavern. Do you want to be sure that you are right up in the action? Reserve the very best parking spots now, and park in our prime VIP spots all day. Get VIP parking for signing up to donate $20/month or more for a year.

You may want to have a beer at Eno River Brewing, a sigature cocktail at the Cloth Mill, and maybe both at Nash Street Tavern. Why risk driving after all that fun? FlushFest VIPs at the Silver level ($50/month) or above will get access to all day taxi service around Hillsborough. Leave your car at home, and relax.  Catch the cab from your home to the festival and back home again. Take the cab downtown for dinner and back to the festival afterwards. You can get the cab as many times as you want, any hour that you like, anywhere in town or the surrounding area. 


Reserve your VIP status before June 12 and get a free festival T-shirt.  


All donations will go to support After the Rain's clean water projects, and are tax deductible. 

How do you sign up to be a VIP? It's easy. Click the donation button, donate more than $20 (make sure you hit the "monthly" button above your donation amount), and simply let the parking attendant know that you are a VIP when you get to the festival. You can pick up  the rest of your free stuff and taxi pass at the festival front desk at Eno River Brewing.  Please make your monthly donations for at least one year.

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